Yugen is a borderless documentary that explores the relationship mountaineers and environmentalists share with the natural world. Follow snowboard mountaineer Rafael Pease and crew as they navigate remote ranges in search of connection. Interwoven with stories of ecological consciousness, told by the people who depend on and steward these wild places, this film captures the raw essence of being one with the mountains. 


Run Time: 55 minutes 24 seconds.
Filmed: 2015-2017
Release: 2018
Filming Locations: Chile, United States, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Canada.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
Spoken Languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, Kyrgyz, Russian, Mapudungun.
Subtitles: Spanish, English, French, German, Macedonian, Polish, Italian, Bulgarian.


Produced & Directed: Rafael Pease.
Principal Cinematography: Alvaro Zurita, Seth Gillis, Jesse Levine, Jasper Gibson, Eric Parker, Nathan Starzynski.
Additional Cinematography: Sebastian Hasbun, John Muirhead, Alex Neuschafer, Tamo Campos, Peter Wojnar, Rafael Pease.
Aerial Cinematography: Seth Gillis, Erich Parker, Summit Aerial Media. 
Photography: Jesse Levine, Alvaro Zurita, Jasper Gibson, Eric Parker, Nathan Staryznski, Seth Gillis.
Editor: Sebastian Hasbun
Assistant Editor: Rafael Pease.
Original Music: Ron Fearing – Saamaahs. 
Additional Music: Mamytov Atai, Shambetova Cholpon, Luke Mathers, Ron Chambers.
Sound Design & Mixing: Luke Mathers – Cascadian Sound.
Translator: Venera Martin, Megumi Muto, Natalie Collar, Aleksei Belov, Kasidin Musaev, Rafael Pease, Camila Lira, Arturo Ahumada, German Kholmov.
Colorist: Sebastian Hasbun.
Graphic Design: Ingrid Céspedes, Steven Hoefgen, Samantha Swartz.
Featuring: Diane Strand, Ron Chambers, Nelson Cvitanic, Akylbek Musaev, Koshon Fred Edzerza, Igor Khanin, Francisca Izquierdo, Pedro Huenchunao Pailla, Hideki Kondo, Rafael Pease, Tamo Campos, Wally Brughelli, Joel Loverin.

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