Connections Movement
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This explosive film is set against the backdrop of historic protests, as the people of Chile rise up for social and environmental rights.

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2020 / 65 Min

Run Time: ~65 minutes

Filmed: 2019-2020

Release: 2022

Filming Locations: Chile

Languages: English, Spanish

Subtitles: English, Spanish 


Produced & Directed: Rafael Pease

Assistant Producer: Pablo Tapia

Principal Cinematography: Joonas Mattila

Additional Cinematography: Pedro Campos, Erich Roepke, Sergio Infante

Aerial Cinematography: Joonas Mattila, Erich Roepke, Sergio Infante

Photography: Greg Von Doersten, Erich Roepke

Editor: Daniel Tomasello, Calef Inostroza

Original Music: Felipe Cuadra

Sound Design & Mixing: Alberto “Tito” Martinez

Translator: Rafael Pease

Colorist: Daniel Tomasello

Graphic Design: Ingrid Céspedes

Featuring: Mauricio Purto, Sergio Infante, Fernanda Miranda, Jorge Perez, Andres Charrier, Pilar Valenzuela, Chris Moscoso, Fabian Jaksic, Marcos Contreras, Marcela Mella, Benito Gonzalez, Mary Kalin, Jurgen Rottmann, Gaston Rizos, Rafael Pease, Erich Roepke, Jeremy Anderson

Fighting for the creation of Tupungato National Park.