TUPUNGATO – empathy in death, follows Rafael Pease’s six-year obsession of visibilizing a threatened area. A winter expedition to the highest peak, Volcan Tupungato 21,555ft, evolves into a fight for conservation. In hopes of creating a national park, containing 350,000acres in one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, as well as a significant source of water for 40% of Chile’s population. Interviews with renowned scientists and activists unveil a web of corruption in the government and multinational corporations, stemming from imperial religion and a dictator’s constitution. This explosive film is set against the backdrop of historic protests, as the people of Chile rise up for social and environmental rights.


Run Time: 74 minutes 32 seconds.
Filmed: 2019-2021
Release: 2023
Filming Locations: Chile.
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: 5.1 surround & Stereo.
Spoken Languages: Spanish, English.
Subtitles: Spanish, English


Produced & Directed: Rafael Pease.
Director of Photography: Joonas Mattila.
Additional Cinematography: Erich Roepke, Sergio Infante, Romina Triviña, Salvador Inzai, Felipe Munizaga, Sebastian Leon, SurOeste Films, Daniela Solari, Yamil Hussein, Rafael Pease, Patricio Pavez.
Aerial Cinematography: Joonas Mattila, Erich Roepke, Sergio Infante.
Photography: Greg Von Doersten, Erich Roepke.
Editor: Daniel Tomasello & Rafael Pease.
Assistant Editors: Calef Inostroza, Lucía Pérez, Joaquín Matamala, Gerardo Rodríguez.
Original Music: Felipe Cuadra.
Sound Design & Mixing: Alberto Martínez.
Assistant Sound Designers: Erick Morales, Juan Delgado, Nicolás Maturana.
Translator: Rafael Pease.
Colorist: Daniel Tomasello.
Graphic Design: Ingrid Céspedes.
Animation: Ingrid Céspedes,  Paulina Passi.
Camp Manager: Pablo Tapia.
Featuring: Mauricio Purto, Sergio Infante, Fernanda Miranda, Jorge Perez, Andres Charrier, Pilar Valenzuela, Chris Moscoso, Fabian Jaksic, Marcos Contreras, Marcela Mella, Benito Gonzalez, Mary Kalin, Jurgen Rottmann, Gaston Rizos, Rafael Pease, Erich Roepke, Jeremy Anderson.


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