Narrated by Füta Mawida – ‘Great Mountain’ in the Mapuche language of Mapudungun –this is a story of our fragile relationship with nature. Rough seas, impenetrable jungle, and relentless rain greet the team as they draw near the iconic Volcan Corcovado. A resounding truth echoes across Patagonia’s unpredictable terrain: we are visitors to this land, with much to learn.


Run Time: 12 minutes 21 seconds.
Filmed: 2019
Release: 2020
Filming Locations: Chile
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: 5.1 & Stereo
Spoken Languages: Mapudungun, English.
Subtitles: Mapudungun, Spanish, English


Produced, Directed, Written: Rafael Pease.
Principal Cinematography: Thor Retzlaff.
Additional Cinematography: Stein Retzlaff, Erich Roepke, Rafael Pease.
Aerial Cinematography: Thor Retzlaff.
Photography: Erich Roepke, Stein Retzlaff.
Editor: Daniel Tomasello, Lucía Perez.
Assistant Editor: Joaquiín Matamala, Miguel Bartolomé.
Original Music: Felipe Cuadra.
Sound Design & Mixing: Alberto “Tito” Martinez.
Voice Over: Andrea Salazar.
Cultural Supervisor & Translator: Sonia Vita Manquepi, Andrea Salazar, David Núñez.
Colorist: Daniel Tomasello.
Graphic Design: Ingrid Céspedes.
Featuring: Erich Roepke, Thor Retzlaff, Stein Retzlaff, Rafael Pease

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