Our Team



Connections Movement is an award winning production collective which was founded in 2015. We elevate the stories of unique people and places from remote corners of Earth. Through powerful storytelling and stunningly raw visuals our documentary films and projects raise awareness, inspire action and create change. We maintain a strong core of purpose and intentionality within our work.

Rafael Pease

Founder / Producer / Athlete

Rafael puts part of his soul into every documentary and project he creates. Combining his diverse background in snowboard mountaineering, activism and environmental sciences, he finds a unique perspective to educate and keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Jana Rogers

Producer / Photographer

Daniel Tomasello

Senior Editor / Colorist

Joonas Mattila

DP / Cinematographer

Eduardo Bartolome

Producer / Director

Felipe Cuadra


Ingrid Cespedes

Graphic Design

Connections Movement

production collective