Connections Film is our first project which will represent what we stand for.

Connections Film is a 3-year borderless mountain-based documentary film that aims to explore the connection we as mountaineers & environmentalists hold with the surroundings in which we explore. We will delve into this topic not only by living in some of the most remote and rugged places on Earth but also by shining a light on the perspective of indigenous cultures in all the places we visit. 

The goal is to explore topics of cultural and ecological conservation from the perspective of the legendary humans who've inhabited these places for generations. With explorers, filmmakers, and subjects from all over the world, we are working to combine these vastly differing perspectives into a film that truthfully represents the environments that bring us all together. 

Tordrillo Mountains-  Pamir Range  -  Hokkaido  -  British Columbia  -   Patagonia   -  Talas Ala-Too Range  -  Andes Range  -  Yukon Territory

Started December 2015 in Hokkaido. Will premier Fall of 2018.